How much time do your specialists need to install my new kitchen?

As soon as your cabinets are built, our installers will get in touch with you to confirm the date of installation established at the time of purchase. Due to their professionalism, the work is generally completed within one or two days.

Do you provide financing solutions?

Yes. Your representative will guide you through the steps and provide you with the paperwork to apply for Desjardins Accord D program.

Who has to take down my old cabinets?

You. As soon as we contact you to confirm the installation date, you have to take out the existing cabinets. The work is relatively simple, and it is a lot easier to take out the old cabinets than it is to put in the new ones.

Should I paint my kitchen walls before or after the installation of the kitchen cabinets?

Before. We recommend that you complete it before the installation in order to avoid color cut-outs, stains, dents or stratches on the brand new cabinets. The same goes for the installation of a new kitchen floor. We suggest that you do the painting and the flooring before you have your new cabinets installed.

Will my cabinets fit in exactly into my kitchen?

Yes. That is the big difference with products made for superstores. Your kitchen cabinets will be completely adapted to the exact space in your kitchen.

Can you send someone to measure my kitchen?

No. Here at Armoires à super prix, in order minimize cost, we ask of you to bring your kitchen measurments, including overtures such as with of the doors and windows with their frame. A specialist will then guide you to choose your kitchen according to your tastes and needs.

What financing solution do you offer?

ASP offers Desjardins Accord D financing. Rates are attractive and allow you to get the kitchen of your dreams with a reasonable monthly payment.

Is it true that thermoplastic peels off and yellows?

Thermoplastic is a higly resistant product and when installed appropriately it will not peel off. Moreover, it is easy to maintain, you just have to clean it frequently with a gentle soap and it will not yellow.

How much does a kitchen cost?

It is always possible to establish a price per linear foot, but this method must remain an approximation only of the real cost of the kitchen. We guarantee that the price we offer you will be the one you will have to pay, conditional to the verification of the measures of the kitchen.

How does Armoires à super prix stand out?

Armoires à super prix is a manufacturing business; it is our only craft! You will find support from the beginning to the end of your project, and benefit from our outsanding valoue for money, whatever your budget might be.

Can we just replace the doors of existing kitchen cabinets? Is this a more economic option?

Yes. If you are happy with the layout and organization of your kitchen, and if your cabinets are still sturdy and in good shape, it is possible to change only the doors and the visible sides. Changing the doors only would cost approximately 50% of the price of the full kitchen renovation.

Can we do the installation ourselves?

At Armoires à Super Prix, the choice is yours. We can have an expert take the measures and install the kitchen for you, or you can do it yourself for a lower cost.

What are your usual delivery periods?

Our economic Pay and Go range which consists of white melamine requires no waiting. For our other products, the expected period is between 2 to 8 weeks depending on the chosen material.

Do we need an appointement in order to meet with a representative?

No, you don’t need to make an appointement. There is always a kitchen designer available to meet you.

What does the expression « 5-pieces doors » mean?

5 pieces doors are assembled like wooden doors. MDF or polyester panels are assembled around a flat leaf or elevated, which gives them the look of wooden doors at a lower cost.