Lionel Séguin founded Armoires à super prix in 1958. At the beginning, the business was settled on de la Roche Street, and consisted of only 3 people; an associate, Mr Séguin, and his father, a fine carpenter who successfully passed on his expertise and love of well done job.

Ever since april 2013, François Corbeil has taken the reins of the business, betting on the undeniable quality of Armoire à super prix’ products and the outstanding service that characterizes our company. Surrounded by experts, François Corbeil is a confident leader.

Ktichen cabinets manufacturer

Mr. Séguin’s initial idea was very clear : simplify the construction of kitchen cabinets and introduce quality standards in the industry. Unlike the others, Armoires à super prix is a manufacturing business. The fabrication of kitchen cabinets is the responsibility of our talented craftsmen and modern technology.

In 1984, Lionel’s daughter, Louise, joined the team to bring with her younger and more original ideas. Due to her dynamic character and energy, she rapidly took control of the production, whereas her father devoted his time and energy to the administration and sales department.

In 1996, Louise Séguin took full control of the business. Her Pay and Go concept added to the reputation of Armoires à super prix. Furthermore, she added specialized services, identifying the personal needs of each and every client with the help of newly-hired kitchen designers who were very much in touch with current trends, tendencies, and designs adapted to the clientele.

Outstanding value for money

With more than 58 years of experience, Armoires à super prix has established a solid reputation for itself Which is the envy of the industry. Value for money, after-sale service and our customers’ praising feedback all contribute to the satisfaction of our future clients. François Corbeil also makes sure thatthe team works effortlessly to keep the promise to our clients “you will love your kitchen”