Accessories are meant to enhace the cabinets, to make them more usable and to save as much space as possible.

Sink false front drawer

Tip over false front drawer with deep tray for extra storage.

Cutlery tray

Installed inside a drawer. The seperations allow easy access to your cutlery and silverware.

Lazy Susan (rotating tray)

Installed in a corner unit. the two rotating tray facilitate storage in hard to access spots.

Pull out trash can

Installed under the sink. The trash can is attached to the door and the top opens and closes automatically in order to prevent odors.

Glass rack

Installed under or inside an open cabinet, in order to facilitate access to your stemmed glasses.

Spices organizer drawer

Installed in a small size cabinet. The drawer has three levels that allow quick spotting of the containers.

Wine bottle rack

Storage space for your wine bottles.